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What You Whispered Should Be Screamed.

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Heretic - dissident: characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards.

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I am an anarchist and try to be a pacifist. I do not like the military and I do not respect those who serve in it, and I do not believe they are fighting for our freedom. I do not support government intervention under any circumstance, whether that be poverty, inequality, war, health care, or discrimination. The government is often the root of these issues, or at the very least make them much more difficult than they were to begin with.

I do not support the feminist movement because I don’t believe that they’re effective in fighting for equality. I run an anti-feminist egalitarian blog, wherein I talk about the ignored disadvantages of men in society and how feminism is inherently misogynistic as well. It’s not often, but I occasionally reblog or post about feminism on this blog as well.

I am not a capitalist and I am not a socialist. I am not against the existence of a free market and I’m not against socialism. I believe that anyone (anarchist or otherwise) that blames “capitalism"  or "socialism" for the current state of the world to be extremely dense. The state is to blame, not any specific economic system. Apathy, conformity, and lack of education are what’s destroying society. I do defend capitalism occasionally because it’s a widely misunderstood economic system, even among anarchists.

I do not respect organized religion because it is tied to patriotism and politics (things of this world), makes exceptions to their teachings of peace by honoring soldiers and supporting war, and spends money on its buildings, events and its own goals rather than feeding the poor and taking care of those in need. I can’t respect a church that gives teachings of sacrifice and charity and doesn’t understand that that applies just as much to a body of believers as it does to individuals. If organized churches would pay for health care for those who can’t afford it and take care of the unemployed and single mothers, then we’d have the government out of our lives and religion would be something worth respecting. Unfortunately, this isn’t how it is.

If you can’t handle any of these statements, I suggest you unfollow/don’t follow.

If you’re respectful to me and want to talk more about or challenge my opinions on these topics, I’ll be glad to do so.

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