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What You Whispered Should Be Screamed.

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Anonymous said: I've got a weird question but figured you were the absolute best person to ask, haha. Do you think Jack White's 'Freedom at 21' is commentary on the shitload of modern western female privileges and the erasure of male victims of abuse? Upon first listen, I thought it was just romanticizing some ~badass independent gurl~ but upon deeper inspection anyone can see that this person is abusing him and then HE gets charged with assault.

I was never going to voice these thoughts but I’m so glad someone else thought the same thing!

I don’t know that the interpretation is literal, but I do think it represents the control and freedom that women have that isn’t necessarily recognized by the majority of society. I also think this theme plays out in his recent “Inaccessible Mystery,” where he says:

"A woman is more powerful than a man
This I know
And I think that you know this too.”

I’m so glad someone asked me this!

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  1. legalizeforeskin said: Going to look this up, given that I like Jack White.
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