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What You Whispered Should Be Screamed.

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Heretic - dissident: characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards.

Chelsea. 24.


Energetic Doer.

Pictures of me

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    Jealousy fucking sucks
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    Oh man that is Not Cool. I get jealous, I get SO JEALOUS when girls add Jake on Facebook, but I’m a decent human being...
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    xn—b6h: fuckery is afoot. but this relationship is fucked.
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    this is very confusing. why does an image of the guy show up on the left and then not show up thereafter? why are there...
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    @ what I bolded…..who said this was normal though? She’s crazy
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    That IS sad. He does need to get the fuck out of that relationship ASAP.
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    this is one of the saddest things. in our culture, a man who acts this way when it comes to a woman is labelled a...
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